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The Pokémon Kink Meme!

OK, so I lied. Here's an additional post for you all to play with while I'm out of town. Format lifted from the Digimon Kink Meme, who I think got it from others since they all seem to look similar. That post also says there's another Pokémon kink meme--can someone link me to it? Found it! Thanks, GCM! It's at 2Bamaser's journal and anything goes!

Anyway, without further ado...

The Pokémon Kink Meme!!!

The Basics:

1. Comment anonymously with a pairing and a kink. All formats (Manga love! Game love! Crossover love!), all kinks and (almost) every pairing* are allowed! Check here for a list of kinks.
*1a--Since this is my version, can we keep it to humans? Sorry...but like I said, there's this one too, and now (August 09) this one!

2. Respond anonymously with a drabble/fic/art. Or just comment for fun, whatever floats your boat.

3. This will probably most certainly end up NSFW.

Making my life Easier:

1. If you're requesting something, please try to respond to something too! Preferably the older ones first, although if you don't like the request, I can't make you do it. :) But we want to keep the meme going so that we all have something to distract us from work/school/whatever.

2. No wank please (Yooooou know what I mean. You silly geese), but that goes without saying.

3. Advertise, advertise, advertise! We want this to go as long as possible! And I *do* mean that (*waggles eyebrows*).

So yes, go have fun! as many ways as you can!

EDIT--Someone seems to have missed the point of an ANONOMOUS meme...I'm editing the posts now, but in the future, users need to be LOGGED OUT to participate.

ANOTHER EDIT--Hmm, it seems I forgot something key, the Shippers List! If you want to request something but can't think of what, peruse the list and maybe you'll be inspired!

EDIT A YEAR AND A HALF LATER--This post is going to moderated until further notice. Any attempts from,, or any of the various accounts thereof will be blocked. Additionally, I'm deleting the little bastard's comments (aww no more troll to mock, I know). But seriously, that idiot has to learn.
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